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Parents magazine
"shopping futé" part
"an ingenious scarf !"

The readers / testers club :
Great both as a bib and a hat… and is very adaptable thanks to the three press-buttons.

L'entreprise en solo

Are you ready to sell overseas ? :
The french market is too limited and my products meet a human need, found all over the world…


Show-stopper :
Three cheers for this scarf, first designed by an ingenious mum…

Enfant magazine

In the section entitled « your marks », the foulard malin was awarded 16 out of 20.
« this scarf is an effective bib, as it is waterproof, but also acts as a rain hat and a little pocket for a comforter or snacks, and has press-buttons making it easily adaptable to the size of your child. Ideally you should have two or them, so you always have one ready ? »

Nice Matin
20th june 99

...The foulard malin was invented by Michèle Rodriguez, a nurse from Marseille, herself mother of  two children, who found it both more attractive than the old style bibs...

La Marseillaise
16th may 1999
Michèle Rodriguez, a nurse from Marseille, has developped a new kind of scarf for children from 0 to 4 years old. The « foulard malin is an effective scarf, hat or pocket for the comforter, uniting high technology with hygiene, and looks great too !
France soir
19th may 1999

Product of the day :
The « foulard malin » acts as a scarf, an effective bib, a rain hat or a small pocket for a comforter or snack, and will suit your child from its birth to the age of 3…

Entreprendre en Méditerranée
March 2000

This lady from Marseille is getting ready to export her « baby » all over the place . « It will be on sale at « Nature et Découverte » but I am mainly looking to go overseas, with contacts in Canada and New York and projects in Thailand and Argentina she explains. What’s more, the scarf has been a success in Japan, and is on sale at «  Printemps » in Tokyo.
« Having a foothold in the Japanese market may help things to take off here. »