The Foulard Malin is both a scarf and a bib with various uses, and is made of hi-tech materials and Protected by international patent.

  • It is triangular and acts both as a scarf and bib.

  • The press-buttons on the edges make it possible to get the perfect fit around the neck or head of the child without the discomfort of a knot.

  • The material on the in side is absorbant, waterproof, breathes and is anti allergic, and provides perfect protection for the child from rain, drinks and food, while allowing his/her skin to breathe.

  • It is also very practical, as a pocket on the inside provides a place for storing a baby bottle, biscuits or even a security blanket…

This is a quality, hign-tech product, which conforms to Europeen and  a    merican hygiene standarts :

The exterior of the scarf is 100 % cotton,
machine washable at 40 °c

The interior is made of highly absorbent 100 % cotton plush on one side, and on the other a high-tech coating which is waterproof and at the same time is soft, allows the skin to breathe and is anti-allergic.

It is totally waterproof thanks to a rectangular window 2 cm below the neck on the inner side wich prevents moisture rising through capillary action.

The press buttons are rust proof and anti-allergic.

How it all came about…

Michèle Rodriguez  is a nurse and mother of two children. She has worked in both nurseries and hospitals. Both at work and at home, she realised that bibs are ineffective and often unattractive. Her own children were very late teething and dribbled a good deal. She first got the idea by watching mothers of handicapped children who would put a sponge inside a scarf before putting it around the child’s neck. She began with a bandana-bib.

Little by little she tried to find a way of replacing the knot, which was uncomfortable for the child, with  press buttons. Then she tried to address three other issues : resistance to water, softness (to avoid unpleasant rigidity around the child’s neck) and absorbency. She had to go overseas to find the high-tech material which met these criteria.

Her husband, always pragmatic, carried out all sorts of tests with their two sons, the most effective of which involved eating melon ! !

Foulard malin is supported by the Pépinière d’Entreprises Virtuelles and backed by a textiles manufacturer .

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