: Foulard malin use

An anatoshing pretty little scarf, with an ingenious patented system that makes it both absorbent and waterproof. It protects the child’s neck from cold, damp and dirt.

With an anti-humidity system, it can also easily be used as an effective bib.

Fits easily round the neck owing to its triangular shape and press-studs.



The clever aspects which make it waterproof :

The inside of the scarf is lined with towelling fabric coated with a high-tech waterproof,
covering which absorbs perspiration and is anti-allergic too.

On the other side, a little window opened at neck level prevents the damp from spreading
by capillarity and wetting the child through contact.


Opening the window creates a clever storage pocket. You can carry a feeding bottle, snack, protect the dummy…

With press-studs you can fix it wherever you need it, to your bag, pushchair…


The « foulard malin » ( clever scarf ) follows the child’s growth from 0 to 4 years old.

 Soft and waterproof, it protects the cushion, pushchair or Mother’s shoulder when burping baby.



Small children love to put on and wear the scarf .
It’s not like a bib.
Soft, supple, no uncomfortable knot in the neck,
it is very comfortable and easy to put on with its press-studs and children love to show off their lovely scarf.



The scarf can also be worm like a bonnet, on the head.

The press-studs can be adapted to size or used to turn the scarf into a hair band.




The « foulard malin » is a scarf for all seasons.


In winter :

It is an effective windbreak. It replaces polo-necks.

In the mountains, the child no longer has a sore neck and chin, irritated by the rumpled, damp neck of his ski-suit.

If he has a cold, a little handkerchief sprinkled with essential oils can fit into the Pocket.



In summer :

It protects against the sun, and if dampened and worn on the head

it will keep the child’s head cool without wetting it.

An excellent advertising medium, the scarf can be embroidered in the colours of a trademark

or with the logo of a club or company.


And you, what are you doing with foulard Malin ?

Gérard, Marseille :
‘When my baby has a cold, I soak an handkerchief with esssential oils in the pocket of Foulard Malin’

Cécile, Spain :
‘On the beach, in order to keep my daughter's head cool, I humidify the scarf.
As there is a waterproof part, her head is always dry but cool.

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